August 31, 2012

What is the BAER test?

What is the BAER test?
The hearing test known as the brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER) or brainstem auditory evoked potential (BAEP) detects electrical activity in the cochlea and auditory pathways in the brain in much the same way that an antenna detects radio or TV signals or an EKG detects electrical activity of the heart. The response waveform consists of a series of peaks numbered with Roman numerals: peak I is produced by the cochlear nerve and later peaks are produced within the brain. The response from an ear that is deaf is an essentially flat line. In the sample recordings shown below, Puppy 1 heard in both ears, Puppy 2 was deaf in the left ear, Puppy 3 was deaf in the right ear, and Puppy 4 was deaf in both ears. Because the response amplitude is so small it is necessary to average the responses to multiple stimuli (clicks) to unmask them from the other unrelated electrical activity that is also present on the scalp (EEG, muscle activity, etc).
The response is collected with a special computer through extremely small electrodes placed under the skin of the scalp: one in front of each ear, one at the top of the head, and one between the shoulders. It is rare for a dog to show any evidence of pain from the placement of the electrodes - if anything the dog objects to the gentle restraint and the irritation of wires hanging in front of its face. The stimulus click produced by the computer is directed into the ear with a foam insert earphone. Each ear is tested individually, and the test usually is complete in 10-15 minutes. Sedation or anesthesia are usually not necessary unless the dog becomes extremely agitated, which can usually be avoided with patient and gentle handling. A printout of the test results, showing the actual recorded waveform, is provided at the end of the procedure. Test results are confidential.

What is the BAER test? Dr. George M. Strain 

NE CFCBB FRANCE 2012 - Groenendael Photos 1

intermediate class males

Luca de Bruine Buck


photo courtesy : Margarida Stamboulidou

August 30, 2012

BHCN Day 4 Belgians - 1.09.2012

BHCN DAy 2012ovaal
Totaal aantal ingeschreven Honden
28 Groenendaelers
13 Laekense Herders
11 Mechelse Herders
33 Tervuerense Herders

1 september 2012
BHCN Day 4 Belgians with CAC and Clubwinner title

Location Manege Groenendael , 
Zevenhuizerstraat 154 |
3751 LD Bunschoten  ( Spakenburg) | Tel: (033) 456 44 29 |
- Clubshow with CAC for members and no members.
Clubshow met CAC voor leden en niet leden
BHCN Winner, BHCN Winster, BHCN Youth Winner , BHCN Youth Winster each variety

Selektie keuringen – Selections

JudgesErik Desschans (B)Groenendael males & Tervueren females
Laura Vassallo ( Italy) Groenendael females & the Malinois
Marion ten Cate Tervueren Males & the Laeken

pp logo nl fc wit

Inschrijvingen geslotenEntry closed 

Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britain - Brilliant Ideia

Congratulations !!!

Disc Dog Stage - Italia

NE CFCBB 2012 FRANCE - mix photos 5

Figaron Orpheus.
EXC4º. Open Class Males.

Gordon du souvenir d´otonne.
EXC 3. Class Intermediate Males

Furac van de Hoge Laer

Fandango du Bois du Tôt


s.r Ch Higinio de Ceibe Lar

Love d´Aquivelt

young class females

Mari & Love d´Aquivelt

photo courtesy : PEDRO SERRANO

Farouk-t dei baci rubati.
EXC. Intermediate Class Males

photo courtesy : Rosita Trotti
"dei Baci Rubati" Kennel


15 de Dezembro - 2012 - Póvoa de Varzim