Kennel "Basquelaine"
Kelley Smith Hoffman, Ohio USA

My husband, Richard, and I started out with Great Pyrenees (Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees) in 1989. They were the perfect breed for children, and we had 5 children. We also enjoyed showing and breeding them for a few years. Some of the pups went as family pets, some as flock guardians, and some as showdogs/companions. We made a few champions along the way and enjoyed some impressive wins at Specialty shows. Our kennel name, Basquelaine, was selected for our Pyrs -- "Basque" is the region the Pyrs  originated from, and "Laine" is French for "wool". We also had dreams of a small farm with sheep, the Great Pyrenees as livestock guard dogs, and BSD as herding and all around farm dogs.

Ch. Blackwater/s Yvette "Vetta"
Ch. Blackwater's Utterly Unruly x Ch. Bacarat de Loup Noir
We continued to use the same kennel name for BSD. During our early days of showing Pyrs we met a friend who had Groenendael. At every show we attended we watched judging of Great Pyrenees and all the Belgian Shepherds, meeting many BSD fanciers and their dogs. We were more drawn to Tervuren than Groenendael, and knew someday we would own one. We acquired our first Tervuren in 1994, Ch Blackwater's Yvette (Ch Blackwater's Utterly Unruly x Ch Bacarat de Loup Noir). My husband had actually wanted to buy Vetta's sire, but the handler referred us to breeder/owner, Dr. Linda K Fung, and that's how we came to have Vetta. It was also the start a long time friendship with Blackwater Farms. "Vetta" became our first champion, finishing  quite easily despite her unusual color. She was very dark, even by USA standards at that time, but she had excellent construction, nice type for the time, and lovely effortless,  floating movement. Our second Tervuren, a male, was Blackwater's AffirmativeAction "Token" (Ch Ionesco de la Grande Lande x Ch Blackwater's Sudden Impact). Years later Token and Vetta had one litter together, but the pups were all so dark in color they were placed as pets. Additionally, we were heading in a different direction in type to conform more to the European standard, so we did not continue on with the Token x Vetta line. About the time we began to breed BSD our Great Pyrenees breeding activities had slowed down and finally ended. Our last Pyr "Cache" died in October of 2011. Over the past 15 years we have focused primarily on Tervuren though we have bred a few Groenendael litters in co-ownership and some on our own. But, since most of our efforts and resources have been with Tervuren, I will talk about what I feel are our key matings and progeny with our Tervuren litters over the years.

Our goals as Tervuren breeders are to produce multi-purpose athletic and fit dogs who can excel at a variety of sports, work, and function. We try to adhere to moderation as per the breed standard in all respects. We always hope to achieve good construction, sound characters, overall good health and longevity. We select for and emphasize mental and physical abilities that lend to competitiveness in sports such as agility, herding, obedience, rally, dockdiving, disc dog, lure coursing, and more. While our primary goal is to produce Tervuren who can excel in sport, most of our dogs are also competitive in the conformation ring if their owners chose to pursue that activity. We've produced Tervuren who are Search and Rescue dogs, Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs, Ranch/Farm Dogs, and Farm Herding dogs. We do put more emphasis and focus on the performance/work aspect and function of the breed but at the same time, we try to retain the beauty down from many of the classic, older, proven European bloodlines. First and foremost it's important to us as that every Tervuren we produce is someone's beloved pet and companion, and in placing our puppies we evaluate each pup in our litters for the 10-12 weeks we have them in an effort to match each individual puppy to it's most appropriate owner. In our matchmaking process we consider owners objectives/goals in competition, best fit for the owner's lifestyle, family composition, other pets/pack, training methods, amount of time that will be spent training, etc. In this manner the dog gets what he needs/wants, the owner gets what she needs/wants, and the breeder is happy as well. To facilitate success in this endeavor, we provide a highly enriched puppy "early education" from birth until they go to their new homes, and we're always informally testing them and evaluating them each step along the way -- looking for patterns in behavior and developmental that help us to predict what each pup's innate traits and talents are likely to be.

Mahagonny's Rites of Passage HIC P-BAR
Our first import female Tervuren turned out to be our most influential foundation female. That being Swedish import Mahagonny's Rites of Passage HIC P-BAR "Marissa". She joined our family in 1998 and later that same year we attended the French Nationale Elevage for the first time and met Marissa's breeder and also Marissa's sire Milton. Marissa was out of the first litter sired by Fr. Ch. RE Milton de la Clairiere aux Louves BTr. out of Jolie Poupee de Condivicnum. In addition to her well known lnes on her sire's side, on her mother's side Marissa is the granddaughter of RE, Fr CH Emir de Condivicnum BrP TAN, and Gelinotte de Parc du Pathyvel. She is a great-granddaughter of Verone de Parc du Pathyvel, and a great-great granddaughter of RE, RA, Fr CH Tyrame du Buguet Haut CACIB, BTr. Marissa is linebred on Re Day Dreem de Condivicnum, and on the T du Sart des Bois litter. 

Marissa was my heart dog, a gem as a brood bitch. She was petite in size, compact, and had the most delightful impish, mischievous character of any Belgian I had ever owned and have owned since. She was highly social with anyone and everyone. She could go visit with anyone for weeks and not miss me, but be happy to see me when she came home. She loved to go places, dog shows, trials, visiting friends, everywhere. She never went though a single "off" day in her life even as a puppy. She took everything in stride, nothing scared her as a baby, nothing worried her as a baby, she just wanted to be the "party girl" and have a good time. She was near ideal in character for me and my family, ideal character for society and as a good ambassador of the breed in public. My "Missy", she was almost everything I wanted in character for a BSD, and additionally, she had a pedigree very strong in performance/working merits.

Mahagonny's Rites of Passage HIC P-BAR "Marissa"
Marissa had her first litter at 3 years of age, our Spies'n Heroes litter 2001. With the intention of placing puppies in performance and/or performance/show homes, we selected an older proven male who had performance titles, had many relatives with performance titles, had many offspring with performance titles, and who had several litters of puppies on the ground of age 2 years or older. There was a lot of available data on many of his offspring in character, health, and looks. That male was UKC Nat'l BISS Am/Can/UKC CH Belamba Seaflower Montage CD, PT, JHD, CGC, TDI, TT, P-BAR, C-BAR. As a friendly gesture to the owner of the stud, we invited her to be listed as co-breeder and we put her kennel name after ours on all the puppies. What a wonderful litter the Spies'n Heroes turned out to be. Out of five males and one female in the litter 5/6 earned performance titles, and 3/6 earned masters level agility titles or better. The female pup was taken as stud fee puppy, so we were unable to keep a female out of this cross to move forward with, but other opportunities for a Marissa daughter came about later. Two of the Spies'n Heroes, Basquelaine-Montage Secret Agent "Maxwell" and Basquelaine Montage Secret Passage "Merlin" have been very dynamic successful agility dogs in multiple venues - AKC, USDAA, NADAC, ASCA - between the two of them earning a total of 19 agility championships in all venues combined. Merlin is still running well at 11 years of age.

MACH3 ADCH-Silver NATCH ATCH U-AGII Basquelaine-Montage Secret Agent RN MXC
MJC MXF LAA-Silver TM-Platinum JCH-Gold SCH-Gold GCH-Silver O-TN-E WV-E TG-E SJ
"Merlin" MACH9 ADCH-Bronze BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Passage TM-Bronze, GCH-Bronze,

These brothers are also the only two Tervuren littermates in the history of AKC Tervuren to have MACH3 or above. Merlin holds the honor of MACH9, tied with one other Tervuren for the most AKC agility championships ever earned. Brother Maxwell holds the honor of being one of only 3 Belgian Tervuren in the U.S. to hold at least MACH3 in AKC agility, plus ADCH-Silver in USDAA agility. Maxwell also earned agility champiOnships in four different venues AKC, USDAA, NADAC, and ASCA. Both boys received numerous invitations over the years to the AKC Agility Invitational, and both boys have been ranked in the top 5-10 numerous times. In 2006 Maxwell gave us all the thrill of making it to the final round of the AKC Invitational against the Border Collie "Diesel" from the UK. Maxwell also participated in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge by invitation on more than one occasion. A third litter brother, Conner, completed his AKC masters level titles but was retired before finishing his MACH.  In addition to agility, Merlin is titled in obedience, rally, and is a certified therapy dog. Maxwell, in addition to agility, had titles in dockdiving, water rescue, and was a certified therapy dog. I have been so very blessed to have owners, handlers, trainers who are every bit as athletic, smart, and competitive as their Tervuren. Two of the males from the Spies'n Heroes litter each sired one litter outside of our kennel though we co-bred one of the litters (Daredevils litter 2004), and whelped/raised the other as a courtesy to the breeders (Montage Speed litter 2006). Maxwell is the sire of the Montage Speed litter including MACH Montage Speed Skater MXS MJS NF J-SN, Montage Speedway MX MXJ OF, and Montage Need For Speed ADC, AGNS, TN-O, OAC, O-TG-N, NCC, NJC, WV-N, HP-N. and "Hero" Basquelaine-N-Maximum Sons of Liberty is the sire of the Montage-Basquelaine Daredevils litter, including the dynamic Marissa granddaughter "Kelda" CH Montage-Basquelaine Genuine Risk CDX RA PT AX AXJ (Basquelaine-N-Maximum Sons of Liberty x CH Montage Jazz Singer PT P-BAR.)

Above left, Maxwell's Round 2 of AKC Agility Invitational. On the above right, Merlin's MACH8 in 2012. Pictured below left, Maxwell's daughter (Marissa's granddaughter) "Blade" MACH Montage Speed Skater MXS MJS NF J-SN. Picture below right, littermate Hero's daughter (Marissa granndaughter) "Kelda" CH Montage-Basquelaine Genuine Risk CDX RA PT AX AXJ (Basquelaine-N-Maximum Sons of Liberty x CH Montage Jazz Singer PT P-BAR.)

"Blade" MACH Montage Speed Skater MXS MJS NF J-SN (Marissa granddaughter )
CH Montage-Basquelaine Genuine Risk CDX RA PT AX AXJ CGC
Marissa granddaughte
 In 2002 we imported a one year old male from the Netherlands, Kennel Of Dark Brightness. Ch Typical Toivo of Dark Brightness HSAs STDs was actually in trade for Basquelaine-Blackwater Special Red "Sharif" who we sent to Dark Brightness. Toivo became an AKC champion and earned his AKC Herding Started title on sheep as well as his ASCA stockdog started title on sheep in less than two years after arriving in the US. Toivo was the sire of Marissa's next two litters, our T Litter 2002 and our V litter 2004. Out of the T Litter came our "Jo" Ch Basquelaine-n-Maximum Tres Jolie CD RA HT *P-BAR. Jo became our first successful brood bitch out of Marissa. Other accomplished Toivo x Marissa kids include: CH Basquelaine Vercingetorix Ronin NA NAJ NF "Ronin" and Basquelaine Voyages Of Happy Tails CD RAE "Kruiser". Toivo is such a love to live with. He's very sweet and gentle with all living things, eager to please, and completely loyal and devoted. In his younger years he spent time with show handlers, co-owners, herding trainers, sometimes for weeks on end, and he was always a consummate guest and never complained, but was always ready to come home. We are truly enjoying Toivo in his golden years, and though he only had the Marissa kids for us, our Jo proved key as a brood bitch. *Jo became our second generation P-BAR dam in 2012 pending ABTC conformation. (P-BAR is an American Belgian Tervuren Club Performance Breeder Achievement of Record.) 

Ch Typical Toivo of Dark Brightness HSAs STDs

Ch Typical Toivo of Dark Brightness HSAs STDs at 11 years of age
Ch Typical Toivo of Dark Brightness HSAs STDs at 11 year

Toivo at age 11 years

Jo, Ch Basquelaine-N-Maximum Tres Jolie CD RA HT *P-BAR, Toivo x Marissa daughter, is the dam of two key litters at Basquelaine - ur Detectives litter and our Explorers litter - both sired by Am/Can Ch Gaelera BigMtn Brennerain, SAR certified Search and Rescue dog with Flathead County, Montana, USA. More about Jo's accomplished offspring later in the text.

Ch Basquelaine-n-Maximum Tres Jolie CD RA HT

Ch Basquelaine Vercignatorix Ronin NA NAJ

Toivo x Marissa son

Basquelaine Voyages of Happy Tails CD RAE
Toivo x Marissa son

In 2005 Marissa was bred to CH Montage Beach Talisman PT MX MXB MXJ MJS NF for the Run for the Roses Litter. From that litter a couple of key offspring include our current brood bitch "Marie/Mimi" Basquelaine Winning Colors, and her brother "Bandit" Basquelaine Spectacular Bid NA OAJ OAP AJP XF XFP. Marie has produced some nice youngsters. We hope her kids will be an important part of our breeding program in the future. We waited until Marie was almost 6 years old before having her first litter, Heaven Scent litter July 2011, then repeated the breeding to our Czech import Ch Matti Deabei a year and a half later for the Playing the Ponies Litter Octo 2012.

Basquelaine Spectacular Bid NA OAJ OAP AJP XF XFP

Basquelaine Winning Colors "Mimi" (Marie)
Dam of our Heaven Scent (2011) and Playing the Ponies (2012) litters by UKC Ch Matti Deabei

Basquelaine Winning Colors "Mimi" (Maire)
Dam of our Heaven Scent & Playing the Ponies
(Marissa daughter)
Basquelaine Winning Colors "Mimi" (Marie)

Basquelaine Winning Colors "Mimi" (Marie)

Next in 2006 Marissa was bred to the Swedish import Hexen House Thrym, a Grimm grandson on his dam's side bred to Grimm frozen semen. This was our Gangsters litter of 5 males. A couple of males from that litter include "Big" Basquelaine-Montage Capone PT (trains in herding and dabbles in other activities), and "Vinnie" Basquelaine-Montage Mafioso BN, RN, NW1, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI. Vinnie is a retired therapy certified dog who has brought much cheer and joy to sick and disabled children and adults. He's also been a wonderful breed ambassador in his travels with his owner. Vinnie has tried herding, lure coursing, flyball, nosework, tracking, obedience, rally, and he loves to play all these games.

Basquelaine-Montage Capone PT
Basquelaine-Montage Capone PT "Big" (Gangster Litter - Hexen House Thrym x Mahagonny's Rites of Passage HIC P-BAR)

Basquelaine-Montage Mafioso 
Basquelaine-Montage Mafioso BN, RN, NW1, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI "Vinnie"  (Gangster Litter - Hexen House Thrym x Mahagonny's Rites of Passage HIC P-BAR)

In 2007 for Marissa's final litter we bred her to our own male "Kieran" Basquelaine Ulysses of Toome (Ch Montage Jazz Festival x Can. Ch. Hexen House Iserah). This was our first litter to blend the lines of both of our foundation females Marissa and Iserah. The Serendipity litter was and is very special to us since it was Marissa's last, and the only offspring of Kieran, our older boy in residence who is always the calm alpha and stabilizing force. A couple of the notable offspring out of the Serendipity litter (Kieran and Marissa) include Wyzzy and Cali. Wyzzy  is the dam of the Elevation UP litter in Canada, an intervariety mating to the lovely Malinois BISS, BOSS, AOM Am/Can Ch Avonlea American Idol, CGN, RA, HI, CD,HSAs, NA. Cali is an adorable little pocket rocket agility competitor.

Basquelaine Serenzippity CGN RN HS

Basquelaine Serenzippity CGN RN HS "Wyzzy"
Basquelaine Serenzippity CGN RN HS "Wyzzy" and her Malinois daughter
Elevation Up in Lights "Ticket"

Cali" is a dynamic agility dog and much loved companion to her owners. She is more formally known as Basquelaine Shoot'n Star Cali MX MXJ MXF. Her owner hopes to complete her first AKC agility championship (MACH) this year.

Basquelaine Shoot'n Star Cali MX MXJ MXF

Cali in action above

Our other foundation female who is not as predominant in our lines but has made an impact is Can. Ch. Hexen House Iserah (Loucky de la Maison du Bois x Tchai van de Hoge Laer). We imported Iserah in 2000 and shared her in partnership with Blackcomb Kennel in Canada. Iserah gave us an opportunity to bring the great Grimm van de Hoge Laer up closer on some of our pedigrees. He was such an influential stud dog, I liked the idea of having his genes "up close" so I could observe more easily what genetic traits he tended to transmit down the lines by knowing his granddaughter and her progeny as well as her cousin Hexen House Thrym. Thrym is out of Iserah's litter sister Imoir bred back to Grimm frozen semen. Our two litters from Iserah included an early mating to Am/Can Ch. Montage Jazz Festival OA OAJ OAC OGC in 2003. "Teva" was a son of Ch Bergeau Pinot Grigio "Jazz" who was the son of Ch Opium van de Hoge Laer at Corsini. Two pup from this Basquelaine U Litter have lines which continue on. Ch Basquelaine Ultra Montage and our own boy Basquelaine Ulsysses of Toome "Kieran", sire of our Serendipity litter.

For Iserah's other litter we chose Am/Can Ch Gaelera BigMtn Brennerain, SAR certified "Brenner". We loved what we got out of Brenner with Marissa's daughter Jo, so we decided to use Iserah with him as well. Some of Iserah's accomplished offspring sired by Brenner include Basquelaine S Is For Spitfire MX MXJ MXF "Kinsey", Basquelaine Cat On The Scent, SAR (Search and Rescue), the dam of our co-bred "A" litter in 2011 sired by our UKC Ch. Matti Deabei, and finally, Basquelaine Wyatt Earp, SAR dog as well. Pictured below is Basquelaine Cat On The Scent, SAR "Savannah"

Basquelaine Cat On The Scent, SAR "Savannah"

Basquelaine Cat On The Scent, SAR "Savannah"
CanCh Hexen House Iserah x A/C Ch Gaelera BigMtn Brennerain, SAR certified
Dam of the Basquelaine A of Intention Hill litter

Basquelaine Cat On The Scent, SAR (Search and Rescue dog)

Basquelaine S Is For Spitfire MX MXJ MJB "Kinsey"
Kinsey (Brenner x Iserah) in action:

Marissa's daughter Jo is the dam of the Detectives and Explorers litters, sired by Am/Can Ch Gaelera BigMtn Brennerain, SAR certified "Brenner". There were 7 pups in the older Detective litter and 10 pups in the younger Explorers litter. In the combined two litters 4 became Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs, certified by various agencies including IPWDA and other. Another 4 are master level agility dogs earning MX and/or MXJ or higher in AKC agility. One has earned MACH2 and another 3 are closing on on their MACH. A couple have herding titles, several have rally and/or obedience titles, some are therapy certified, some are titled in nosework. Overall it was an excellent combination for us, and worth repeating. Some of these progeny will be used in our next generation of breeding, specifically Logan, Marco, and Luke. Peek-a-boo is the only one from this combination who has been bred so far. She was mated to our Czech import UKC Ch Matti Deabei to produce the singleton pup, d'Art, Basquealaine BigMtn All For One, SAR dog in training.

Some of the accomplished Brenner x Jo kids from the Detectives litter born Jan 2007:

  • Basquelaine-BigMtn Modesty Blaise, SAR "Blaise" (Search and Rescue dog)
  • Basquelaine-BigMtn Point Last Seen, SAR "Trekker" (Search and Rescue dog)
  • Basquelaine-BigMtn Calleigh Duquesne, SAR "Calleigh" (Search and Rescue dog)
  • Basquelaine-BigMtn Mission Ready HT "Mission"
  • Ch. Basquelaine-BigMtn Without a Trace CD PT MX MXB MXJ MJB MXF CL2 CL-3R NAC JS-N CGC "Trace"
  • Basquelaine-BigMtn Seek and Find "Peek-a-boo" (dam of the singleton litter, Basquelaine-BigMtn All For One, search dog in training, d'Art.)

Basquelaine-BigMtn Calleigh Duquesne, SAR

Basquelaine-BigMtn Point Last Seen, SAR

Ch. Basquelaine-BigMtn Without a Trace CD PT MX MXB MXJ MJB MXF CL2 CL-3R NAC JS-N CGC

Basquelaine-BigMtn Seek and Find

Some of the accomplished Brenner x Jo kids from the Basquelaine Explorers litter born Aug 2008:
  • AKC/UKC CH UROI BasqueLaine Tenzing Norgay's Everest CGC HIC ThD, ORTB "Logan"
  • MACH2 Basquelaine Sail On A Dream MXS MJG XF MAD SAM JM RM "Callie"
  • Am/Can CH Basquelaine Ewe'R Marco Polo AGI AGIJ PCD CGN AX MXJ XF MADC MJDC MSDC AGDC ExSn Bronze ExStd Bronze "Marco"
  • Basquelaine Lookin' For Blue AX MXJ XF "Luke"
  • Basquelaine BigMtn Sliabh Bhreandain SAR certified "Braendon"

Am/Can CH Basquelaine Ewe'R Marco Polo AGI AGIJ PCD CGN AX MXJ XF MADC MJDC MSDC AGDC ExSn Bronze ExStd Bronze

Basquelaine Lookin' For Blue AX MXJ XF

Luke in action:

Am/UKC CH Basquelaine Tenzing Norgay's Everest CGC HIC ThD, ORTB

Callie (Calypso)
MACH2 Basquelaine Sail On A Dream MXS MJG XF MAD SAM JM RM


Callie in action:

Explorers litter:  Linc, Trip, Callie, Luke at 13 months of age.

UKC Ch Matti Deabei
Ch. Domburg Dressed To Impress at Talamo x Anee Oridix

In 2006 we imported a lovely male pup from Deabei Kennel in the Czech Republic. His pedigree is quite complimentary to our existing bloodlines, and we wanted a male we could eventually breed to our Marissa, Jo, Iserah daughters and granddaughters. Matti is the sire of:
  • Genesis-Basquelaine Adventure litter (out of Marissa granddaughter, Jo daughter Justice)
  • Basquelaine A of Intention Hill litter (out of Basquelaine Cat On The Scent)
  • Basquelaine Heaven Scent litter (out of Basquelaine Winning Colors)
  • Basquelaine-BigMtn One Litter (out of Basquelaine-BigMtn Seek And Find)
  • [Most recently] Basquelaine Playing the Ponies litter, a repeat breeding of the Heaven Scent litter.

Our most recent import male and hope for the future is our darling Hexen House Cryh. He is quite promising at 8 months of age. We're looking forward to seeing how he grows up and have plans for incorporating Cryh into the breeding program in the future if all goes as planned. Cryh is out of Hexen House Silyehn by Lotar Dog Arabat.

Hexen House Cryh

These are some of the Matti progeny from our A Litter, Heaven Scent Litter, One Litter, and Playing the Ponies Litter who may (hopefully) potentially be utilized in future breeding plans/generations. First we'll sit back and watch them all grow up. The oldest are currently 18 months old, the youngest 4 months old.
  • Basquelaine-BigMtn All For One "d'Art"
  • Basquelaine Alluring of Intention Hill "Lourdes"
  • Basquelaine Amsterdam of Intention Hill "Vallon"
  • Basquelaine Smells Like Teen Spirit "Cobain"
  • Basquelaine Heaven Makes Scents "Nosie" (export to Sweden)
  • Basquelaine Scent From Above "Gabriel"
  • Basquelaine Scent On An Angel "Wings"
  • Basquelaine Ocean Colors "Splash"
  • Basquelaine I'll Have Another At Geka "Castle"
  • Basquelaine Somethingroyal "Rose"
  • Basquelaine Miesqe "Markie"

Playing the Ponies pups (Matti x Marie)



Nel 1987 acquistai la mia prima femmina groenendael, presso l’allevamento “Di Camerano”, il suo nome è Mousette di Camerano fondatrice dell’allevamento figlia di s.r.Ch.Pollux du Chemin des Dames x s.r.Ch.Coquine de la Pouroffe. nata il 10 Giugno 1987 nell’allevamento ormai scomparso “di Camerano” dei Sigg. Ida e Luciano Rosso, dal Campione Italiano, Sociale, Riproduttore, s.r. Pollux du Chemin des Dames e dalla Campionessa Italiana, Sociale e Riproduttore Coquine de la Pouroffe.

Max & Mousette (year 1987)

L’allevamento di Camerano, molto attivo tra la fine degli anni ’70 e gli anni ’80 ha avuto il merito di importare soggetti di grande prestigio soprattutto dalla Francia ed in particolare il Groenendael Ch. Pollux du Chemin des Dames ed il Tervueren Campione Italiano, Internazionale, Sociale, Francese s.r.Athos des Hauts de Bievre.

year 1988 Mousette di Camerano

Campionato d'Allevamento Italie
Costigliole d'Asti      judge Dr.Y.Surget
classe giovanissimi 1° ECC
2° Best in Show

sujet recommandée en France
MOUSETTE DI CAMERANO  (s.r.Ch.Pollux du Chemin des Dames x s.r.Ch.Coquine de la Pouroffe)

Pollux era nato nel famoso allevamento “du Chemin des Dames” da RE Ch. Int, F Louky de Severiers x RE Vega du Chemin des Dames e faceva parte di una cucciolata d’eccezione composta da soggetti di grande prestigio che hanno fatto la storia della razza a livello internazionale.

La madre di Mousette, la Campionessa Coquine de la Pouroffe nasce in Belgio e viene importata in Italia e dove soprattutto, diventa la fattrice di riferimento dalla quale nascono soggetti che daranno lustro all’allevamento. 

Ch. Unir van Spranger hof
 (Don Lee-Quintas del Castel Sardo x Jina de Clos de Jochnake)

Mousette salirà i rings con grande presenza ed attitudine. Femminile, di buona taglia, con una testa estremamente cesellata e proporzionata così viene descritta dal Dott. Surget, nel 1988 alla sua prima esposizione, risultò in classe giovanissimi 1°Ecc e 2° Best in Show dietro a un fantastico Ares du Bois du Tot 

nc. 3/08/1991
JWW'92 GRIMM (Fitzroy del Varco x s.r. MultiCh.Mousette dei Camerano) HD A/A
owner kennel "Del Castel Sardo" Mulders Annie

Le dr Surget durante la Speciale di Asti del 1993:
“Une classe vétéran avec la lice recommandée et Championne Mousette di Camerano, fille de l’étalon recommandé Champion International Pollux du Chemin des Dames et de Coquine de la Pouroffe, que j’avais déja jugée en jeunes en 1988 et qui avait déjà remporté la classe de travail et de jeune à l’Époque. C’est une splendide femelle à l’admirable tete ciselée et parfaitement proportionnée avec une jolie silhouette harmonieuse et rablée”
Ed ancora, viene citata sul libro Le Chien de Berger Belge del Dott. Surget, come una delle migliori femmine Groenendael in Europa. In breve tempo Mousette diventa Campionessa Italiana, Sociale, Europea e soggetto raccomandato in Francia, collezionando numerosi CAC, CACIB, titoli di Miglior soggetto e Best in Show. 

Max & pE s.r.Verlain dell'Alta Via

Nella primavera del 1990 acquistai all’allevamento “Del Varco” il mio primo maschio tervueren, il suo nome è Fitzroy del Varco figlio del superbo R.E.MultiChampion Grimm Van de Hoge Laer e della magnifica s.r.Ch.It.Fr.S.Agate des Hauts de Bievre. 

 my first stallion tervueren
(R.E.MultiCh. GRIMM Van de Hoge Laer x s.r.MultiCh. AGATHE des Hauts de Bievre )

Il suo colore è sabbia carbonato,e l’Italia decide rispettando le direttive della Società Royale Saint-Hubert, non può attribuire 


 (Ch.Eldar di Colfosco x S.r.MultiCh Mousette di Camerano)

Ai soggetti di colore grigio,sabbia carbonato, il loro colore era motivo di penalizzazione nonostante sia parte integrante del patrimonio genetico dei Tervueren. 

La Rosa Tatuata Callas
(s.r.pECh.Brendo de Bruine Buck x Ch. La Rosa Tatuata Thelma)

Per questo motivo Roy è stato poco esposto in esposizioni di bellezza, ricordiamo alcuni piazzamenti: 

· 2° Ecc. Campionato Sociale Asti (dietro al grande R.E.MultiCh.Gourou du Crepuscule des Loups…de bonne faille,exc. téte medio,exc.yeux,petit oreilles t.b.portée, b.sortie d’encoll, corp trés court,exc lignes, b.ang post,belle silhouette, exc prés berger…… Dr.Surget 

· 1°Ecc. Campionato Sociale Lodi ..grande modelle,exc.foururres,téte medio da males, belle petit oreilles, exc.const court,belle ang, trés b.presentation.. Berton-Sarlat 

· 1°Ecc. Campionato Sociale Parma Torretti S. 

Fitzroy sarà accoppiato con Mousette, nascono Grimm e Greta che ceduti in Olanda all’allevamento “del Castel Sardo” permettono a Mousette di rimanere ben presente in tanti pedigree di tutto il mondo. JWW’92 Grimm infatti ha riprodotto molto e tanti suoi figli e nipoti sono stati esportati o utilizzati in molti paesi europei ed extra europei. 

(SS s.r. Ch.Besos de D'Artamas x La Rosa Tatuata Callas)

GONZALEZ des loups de Mousette CANT
1° Very Promising Italyan Specialty FMBB 2012 juge: Pisarcikova
1° Very Promising World Championship FMBB 2012 juge: M.Boriero

La Rosa Tatuata Callas baby

Nel 1994 nasce Zeus, figlio di Mousette x Ch.Eldar di Colfosco, ed entra a fra parte della nostra famiglia, maschio maestoso molto imponente 

31/03/96 Camp.Sociale C.A.P.B. classe libera 1° Ecc giud. S.Torretti 

20/04/97 Camp.Sociale C.A.P.B. classe libera 1° Ecc giud. Verena Sutermeister - Miglior Maschio 

Nel 1996 Mousette effettuerà la sua ultima cucciolata, per questa decisi di utilizzare Ch.Enzo de la Reserve des Princes Noirs (R.E.Ch.Kadour de la Quievre x s.r.Ch.Ukine du Chemin des Dames), così decidemmo di tenerci una femmina Mina, uscirà poco in expo, e purtroppo non riprodurrà mai. 

Per motivi di lavoro, mi assenterò dal mondo cinofilo fino al 2007. 

Nel 2007, dopo aver perso tutti i miei primi compagni di vita……Mousette, Fitzroy, Zeus,……restiamo soli con Mina, decisi quindi di che era giunto il momento di trovarle un amica, quindi torno a vedere expo. Con grande piacere scopro che JWW’ 92Grimm ha riprodotto molto, cerco allora di vedere se riesco a prendere una discendente della mia prima linea di sangue, ma sono pochi i soggetti in vita con la mia linea, tra questi il maschio groenendael Don Night Dancer del Castel Sardo, che riprodurrà all’allevamento La Rosa Tatuata con la s.r.Ch.Velvet des Perles Noires, ma nasceranno solo maschi, niente femmine.

 (Ch.Enzo de la Reserve des Princes Noirs x s.r. MultiCh Mousette di Camerano)

In quell’anno alla Nat d’Elevage francese, resto colpito da un maschio in classe campioni groenendael Brendo de Bruine Buck, a fine Novembre 2007 arriva a far parte della ns famiglia Callas, proveniente dall’allevamento “ La Rosa Tatuata” di E.Boriero.

La Rosa Tatuata Callas  figlia di (s.r.Ch.Brendo de Bruine Buck x Ch. La Rosa Tatuata Thelma) all’età di 7 mesi passa il CANT, inizia un percorso di expo di bellezza con ottimi risultati, in francia passerà  CSAU e TAN,  decidiamo nel 2010 di tornare a produrre la nostra nuova generazione, scegliendo come stallone il groenendael,                          pE s.r.Verlain dell’Alta Via (s.r.pE NI.Multi.Ch TUONO dell'Alta Via "A" x s.r. Ch.Int.SALLYADAM dell'Alta Via "A") da questo accoppiamento nasceranno                        6 groenendael e 1 tervueren, con grande sorpresa siamo molto contenti, perché è la prima tervueren nata nel nostro allevamento il suo nome è Fanny Des Loups de Mousette, resterà nella nostra famiglia. Fanny ha un super carattere ci da tante soddisfazioni in tante discipline, passa brillantemente CANT-CSAU-TAN-CAL2(work test italian)-TAN CH E+  BH, all’età di 2 anni diventa Campionessa Italiana di Bellezza, non scordiamoci della stessa cucciolata i groenendael :
-      Junior World Winner 2011 Figaro’ des Loups de Mousette HD A/A ED 0/0 CANT-CSAU
-      World Championne FMBB 2012 Fernanda des Loups de Mousette
-      Frida des Loups de Mousette HD A/A ED 0/0 CANT-CSAU-TAN  CAC-CACIB

Nel 2011 decidiamo di fare una nuova cucciolata con Callas, scegliendo come maschio  SS s.r. Besos de D’Artamas (R.E.Ch.PICARD PRECIO de Brunalines x R.E.Ch.TINA de D'Artamas) da questa cucciolata avremo 3 groenendael 2 tervueren (1fulvo e 1 grigio)

Gonzalez des loups de Mousette
1° Very Promising Italyan Specialty FMBB 2012 juge: Pisarcikova
1° Very Promising World Championship FMBB 2012 juge: M.Boriero

GARCIA EL SARGENTO des loups de Mousette
1° Exc. Nazionale d’Allevamento Italiana 2012 Heraly

…..per il futuro……………………………………………… 

FIGARO' DES LOUPS DE MOUSETTE (pE s.r.Verlain dell'Alta Via x La Rosa Tatuata Callas)
HD A/A ED 0/0

Regionale Montrond les Bains 2011
1°Exc      dr.Descamps

Nationale d'Italie
2°Exc RCAC Heraly

The Pirates



Soy Mercedes Berenguer, natural de Barcelona, soy  licenciada en Antropología y  en Arqueología, ahora resido en un bello pueblo llamado Corbera de Llobregat, me encanta pintar oleos y la fotografía  . 

“Belliamici”,   que significa “Bello amigo” en latín, definiendo  en este nombre lo  que siempre he buscado y buscare  en mi cría, un perro bello, muy bello, pero también muy buen amigo y compañero, que pueda acompañar a su dueño en cualquier actividad que le guste, belleza, trabajo, agility o cualquier deporte o actividad que se pueda hacer con perros, aliar belleza sin detrimento de la potencia o la fuerza de un perro rustico pero bello  y tambien poseedor  un  carácter equilibrado ,social, simpático  y seguro.

Me inicie como la mayoría, era una  particular que vi en la calle un pastor belga groenendael,  al verlo me enamore de el y me compre las primeros belgas, Chica y  más tarde la S.S. Ch.Uka de la Canera del Montseny, esa perra, emblemática para mi , de quien el juez Baretty, que fue unos de los padres de la raza con su afijo de Iamara dijo “ que era el ejemplar a preservar y reencontrar” (Nuestros Pastores Belgas,jul-sept.98,n46 pg.108).

Ch Uka de la Canera del Montseny

La CH.Uka de la Canera del Montseny fue adquirida porque me fascino su padre, un ejemplar importado, Han Handy de Kiwani, hijo del Campeón Francia Vanga de la Douce Plaine y de la bellísima  Vixien Tillares de Combelles . Con ella me inicie en la competición, en serio, tanto dentro de mi comunidad como por toda España , y llego el día que me plantee hacer la primera camada,  así que  cree mi afijo allá por el año 1994 “Belliamici”,   que significa “Bello amigo” en latín, definiendo  en este nombre lo  que siempre he buscado y buscare  en mi cría, un perro bello, muy bello, pero también muy buen amigo y compañero, que pueda acompañar a su dueño en cualquier actividad que le guste, belleza, trabajo, agility o cualquier deporte o actividad que se pueda hacer con perros, aliar belleza sin detrimento de la potencia o la fuerza de un perro rustico pero bello  y tambien poseedor  un  carácter equilibrado ,social, simpático  y seguro.

Mi primera monta fue entre Chica y el padre de Uka Han Handy de Kiwani . De esta primera camada nacieron varios sujetos que se vieron por los rings, pero sobre todo cabe destacar la Reprocutora superior A del club R.S.S.S.Tina de Belliamici, que fue madre de varios sujetos seleccionados y especialmente de dos de los perros más importantes de España, Con S.S.  CH.E. Jadz de la Fureur del Crepuscule fue madre en Belliamici  de los S.S. Vilma, S.S. Valu y sobre todo de la  tricampeona de España de agility, tres veces campeona del mundo del pastor  belga  por equipos y RCI 1 Viqui de Belliamici(Dana) en familia ,del tristemente desaparecido Carlos Mateos, que tantas alegrías aporto al club Español  del pastor belga y a Belliamici.

Ch Es Club Zar de Belliamici

Con el R.E.CH.Fr Gylson de la Fureur du Crepuscule fue madre  de S.S.CH.CEPPB.CH.E Zar de Belliamici quien prontamente fue campeón de España y permaneció un tiempo apartado de los rings , pero cuya reproducción, poco a poco ,fue haciéndose visible en los rings con gran éxito, junto a Dama de Belliamici  R.A. 10 fue padre de Campeones de España Hector y Hagrid , y de la CH.Portugal Hera, y del S.S.Ch.ECEPPB. y CH.E. Homero todos ellos de  Belliamici y Fosca en la división de honor de agility,, mientras que con la muy Bella Cora de Belliamici Belliamici ( hija de la S,S.  Campeona Esp. Uka del Montseny y del CH.E. Lord Byron de Condivicnum ) tuvo al s.r.S.S.CH.CEPPB.CH.E. Fredy de Belliamici, quien por su madre retomaba  las líneas de  su abuela paterna Tina  y materna Uka ambas hijas  de Han Handy de Kiwani Fredy es pues síntesis de la  principal línea de Belliamici .

s,r multi Ch Fredy de Belliamici

SS multi Ch Homero de Belliamici  LW10

Ch Pt Club Hera de Belliamici  JE08 MPW08 LPW08 PW09 LW09

Fredy a su vez aliado a su tía, la actual reproductora superior del Club del Perro de Pastor Belga ,R.S. S.S.CH.E.Coral de Belliamici R.A. 11 y 12 , (la cual anteriormente con el R.S.CH.CEPPB.CH.E. Boogi Van der Hoer Laer ya era madre de las sujetos seleccionadas Ibelle,Irene e Ivet de Belliamici) , es padre de varios sujetos que hacen agility , RCI y Belleza como por ejemplo el S.S.CH.CEPPB. Jason de Belliamici, Koral de Belliamici  en preparación de RCI en Portugal y Kati de Belliamici ya en segundo grado de agility.

SS Ch Club Jason de Belliamici LPW10 PW11 BOB 11

Tali de Belliamici

Fredy ha realizado varias camadas, tanto en España como en Francia ,siendo padre de bellos sujetos que, desgraciadamente, no se ven por los rings por la falta de colaboración de los propietarios, que no se conciencian de que, para  el bien de la raza ,es necesario presentar los sujetos para que se pueda seguir la descendencia de las diversas alianzas y dar opción a reproducción a los mejores descendientes.

Ch Viqui de Belliamici

Ch Tina de Belliamici

Cora de Belliamici

Ch Coral de Belliamici


15 de Dezembro - 2012 - Póvoa de Varzim